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October 27, 2012

A new stock of TTA Press back issues has been discovered. Interzone, The Fix, Crimewave, The Third Alternative, Zine, Black Static, The Planet Suite.

Please buy them and save Roy from having to lug them to conventions.

Midnight Street 16

September 30, 2011

Artwork by Nichole Day & Trevor Denyer

Midnight Street 16 is available as a free pdf, although a donation wouldn’t go amiss.

I’ve got a story in it. It’s called The Last Victorian. Vaughan Stanger, William Rasmussen, Douglas Thompson, Jane Fell, Marie O’Regan, Allen Ashley, Ralph Robert Moore, Trevor Denyer, Michael Lohr, Michael Washburn, Richard Farren Barber, Paul Kane, Nikki M. Pill and Matt Leyshon also have stories in it.

British Fantasy Society Journal: Autumn 2011

August 1, 2011
artwork by Clive Barker

The Autumn BFS Journal will be launched at Fantasycon in Brighton (30th September-2nd October). The contents include:

The Topography of City Parks by Allen Ashley and Douglas Thompson
Children of the Crimson Ages by Peter Simon
Punchbag by Christopher M Geeson
Applause by John Forth

Joy in Desire by Storm Constantine
Mostly in Shadow: Lesser-Known Writers of Weird Fiction, Part Three by Mike Barrett
Night by Thomas Williams
Bitter Angel by Joel Lane
Granny’s Lucky Charm by Stuart Hughes
Faustian Love Song by Zoë Elizabeth Barrett
Imagination, Isolation and Innocence: The Romantic in Frankenstein by Ray Cluley
God’s Gift by Jay Eales and mpMANN
If You Go into the Woods Today by Maryann Cowie
Adrift on an Empty Sea by Paul Starkey
Bad Vibrations by Allen Ashley
Not so Dark Horizons by Raven Dane

And there will be plenty of reviews in it. Some of them might even be mine.

Join  the BFS!

BFS Journal Summer 2011

June 28, 2011

artwork by Tomislav Tikulin

The Summer 2011 edition of the British Fantasy Society Journal is here, which seems to have caused the weather to finally remember what season it is. Inside it you will find my reviews of Jesse Bullington’s The Enterprise of Death, John Twelve Hawks’ The Golden City, Priscilla Masters’ Grave Stones,  Aliette de Bodard’s Harbinger of the Storm and Alan Campbell’s Sea of Ghosts.
It also has fiction and poetry from Allen Ashley, Jan Edwards, Douglas J. Ogurek, Eric Boman, Adrian Stumpp, Gavin B. Nash, Adam Walter, Rick Kleffel, J. R. Salling, Clint Smith, Michael Kelly, Annie Neugebaur and James Brogden.
There is plenty of non-fiction from, amongst others, Ramsey Campbell, John Llewllyn Probert, Mark Morris, Mary Danby and Mike Barrett. Scores of reviews: books; films; graphic novels; audiobooks.
Available in paperback and Kindle edition.

British Fantasy Society Journal 2011

May 20, 2011

Artwork by Tomislav Tikulin

I’ll have a few reviews in this unless I’m very much mistaken. Available mid-to-late June — join the BFS and get your copy. Or not. It’s a free world, at least when it comes to things like this.

It already has a thread on the BFS forum.

British Fantasy Society Journal Spring 2011

April 5, 2011
Artwork by Daniele Serra


Out now from the BFS and edited by Peter Coleborn, Andrew Hook, Ian Hunter, David A. Riley, Chrisopher Teague, Craig Lockley, Mathew F. Riley and Jay Eales. Fiction and poetry from Darren J. Guest, Sam Verrall, Terry Grimwood, William H. Wandless, C.E. Hyun, Allen Ashley, Mike Chinn, Rebbecca Anne Renner, Sarah Doyle, Stephen Bacon, Scott E. Green, Sam Stone, Stuart Hughes, Murray Ewing and me (Doctor Dark); non-fiction from Mike Barret, Ramsey Campbell, John Llewellyn Probert, Mark Morris, Rod Rees, Lou Morgan and others; artwork from Daniele Serra and David Bezzina.

It includes another favourable review of Music for another World, this time from Mario Guslandi. He says the standouts are from Jill Zeller (“delightful”) and Susan Lanigan (“masterful”) and also singles out the stories by Cyril Simsa (“delightful”), Vincent Lauzon (“a nice fantasy”), Andrew Hook and Gavin Inglis.

British Fantasy Journal Spring 2011

March 24, 2011

Artwork by Daniele Serra

Scheduled to be published in the first week of April by the BFS in hardback with an electronic edition to follow.

British Fantasy Society Journal March 2011

February 22, 2011

artwork by Daniele Serra

Daniele Serra’s artwork will be on the cover of the March issue of the British Fantasy Society Journal which will have fiction from Allen Ashley, Mike Chinn, Stephen Bacon, Sam Stone, Stuart Hughes, Murray Ewing, Darren Guest, Sam Verrall, Terry Grimwood, William H. Wandless, C.E. Hyun and me; poetry from Allen Ashley, Mike Chinn, Stephen Bacon, Sam Stone, Stuart Hughes, Murray Ewing, Darren Guest, Sam Verrall, Terry Grimwood, William H. Wandless, C.E. Hyun and Scott Green; non-fiction from Mike Barrett; additional artwork from David Bezzina and Dean Harkness. There will be reviews a-plenty and it’s edited by Peter Coleborn, Jan Edwards, Ian Hunter, Andrew Hook and David A. Riley.

Dark Horizons 57

September 14, 2010

Dark Horizons 57 has now been published and contains fiction from Malcolm Laughton, Stephen Bacon, Charlotte Bond, Zachary Jernigan and – tra-la – me. Louise Morgan interviews Mark Charan Newton, Jenny Barber interviews Aliette de Boddard, Stephen Theaker interviews Allen Ashley, and Mike Barrett writes about the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series. Poems a-plenty from Allen Ashley,  J.R. Salling, Graylin,  Sarah Doyle, Ian Hunter, Roy Gray,  Alessio Zanelli and Rick Coonrod. And it’s all wonderfully illustrated by Martin Hanford, John Shanks, Inna Hansen, Alf Klosterman, David Bezzina and Les Edwards.

Of course, to get it you have to join the British Fantasy Society. Or you can try and buy a copy at FantasyCon next weekend. However, if you join the BFS you will also get a copy of the latest Prism, not to mention £10 off the price of a FantasyCon ticket. What to do?

Dark Horizons 56

April 7, 2010

 Artwork by Howard Watts.

The latest British Fantasy Society mailing contains Dark Horizons 56, which in turn contains my short story The Bordello of Doom. There is also fiction from Val Gryhin, Ian Hunter, Niall Boyce, Philip Meckley, Rafe McGregor, Ralph Robert Moore, Patrick Whitaker and Andrew Knighton; poetry from Ian Hunter, Charles Christian, Jan Edwards, Peter Coleborn, Diana Lewis and Allen Ashley; articles and interviews from, by and about Simon Bestwick, Martin Roberts, Mike Barrett, Brian Stableford, Jenny Barber and Stephen Theaker; and it is illustrated by Inna Hansen and Mark Pexton.

This mailing also comes with the March 2010 issue of Prism (packed, as usual, with news and reviews) and a voting form for the British Fantasy Awards. You’re going to be fed up with voting before the summer’s out, aren’t you? Just don’t mix them up and put Cthulu into Number 10.

Dark Horizons is available as an eBook to BFS members and, from this issue onwards, to members of the Australian Horror Writers Association

Join the BFS here.

Eibonvale Press

October 16, 2009

The Eibonvale Press launch for Allen Ashley’s Once and Future Cities and Douglas Thompson’s Ultrameta went swimmingly. Both books have been handsomely designed by David Rix and I can highly recommend them despite the fact that I haven’t manage to finish reading them yet. I got these deadlines, see…  But I can remember reading many of the stories in both volumes when they first came out in magazines and they’re still a delight, while other pieces are new pleasures entirely.

It was a fun night. Go here and scroll down to 1st October while I get back to hacking my way through the Deadline Jungle.


September 27, 2009

Eibonvale Press is launching its latest titles at 6.30pm on Thursday 1st October at the Sauchiehall Street branch of Waterstone’s in Glasgow.

Douglas Thompson’s Ultrameta and Allen Ashley’s Once and Future Cities will be announced with readings, signings and refreshments. Publisher David Rix will be in attendance along with the authors.

Polluto 4 out now

January 7, 2009

Polluto 4 is out now from Dog Horn Press. It’s available in stern hardback or compliant softback. You can buy it here.

The contents are as follows:

Alice in the Palace by Dave Migman
Parasol Clerks by Rhys Hughes
Jeanne by Steve Redwood
Mouse Diary by Daniel Wilson
Queer & Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road by Deb Hoag
A Shade of Yellow by Alex MacFarlane
Beta Child, Gamma Child by Malon Edwards
Paint the Town by Anne Pinckard
Sweet Adult Cell by Ray Succre
Beauty and the Beast by Micci Oaten
Heart of Cement by Lawrence Dagstine
The Bears in the Wood by Jim Steel
The Androidgenous Zone by Andrew Hook & Allen Ashley
Velcro Hurt by Ernesto Sarezale
The Day Hermeneutics Died by David McLean
Willow Within by D. W. Green
A Long Hard Look by Rhian Waller
On Biting Roy by Janis Butler Holm
Live Without A Net by RC Edrington
Mona and the Machine by Matthew Longo
Backseat Ballet by Mark Howard Jones
Voom and Bloom by Frank Burton
Alice in Agony Pink by Michelle Mead
ADD by Chris Patton
Shedding by Rhian Waller

It’s edited by Adam Lowe, and the artwork is by Elaine Borthwick, Ignacio Candel, Luke Drozd, Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon, Dave Migman,  and Flavia Testa-Lytle.

Overseas customers can now buy it for $12 which includes free surface shipping. The hardback is a limited edition of 100, and the softback is a limited edition of 500. Neither will be reprinted.

The Bears in the Wood features some of the characters who were in The Crock of Shet, which was briefly available on the Blood, Blade & Thrusters site, and the titles are probably the biggest hostages to fortune since Amy Winehouse signed her recording contract.


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