Satellite 2 Visited

Staggered around Satellite 2 at the weekend but I’ve far too many impending deadlines to spare the time to write about it, so here’s Mike Cobley’s report instead.

Oh Lordie, them deadlines is covering the horizon and I’m down to me last bullets.


2 Responses to Satellite 2 Visited

  1. Ian Hunter says:

    I was in Edinburgh then paddling with the dog on the beach at Portobello, and missed the whole thing, but at leasts Mike refers to your daughter, Emma, as your “sparky offspring” – what do you call her “the Bear” and other things? She will get you when she grows up, probably in the pre-teen stage, which is really no different from the teenager stage, believe me. But I envy you taking your family, I used to take Linda to Fantasycon and the kids have been to the Glasgow Worldcons, but I can imagine what they would say now – “boring”.

  2. jimsteel says:

    Yeah – she was a gummy bear at the weekend as another one of her teeth fell out and she had great fun grossing out everyone with a display of blood and enamel. She also took part in a couple of competitions, won a prize, joined in role-playing games, bought some heavy-duty cosmology books at the auction and apparently told a dealer in the book room that “I really, really like books but I can’t read them.”

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