Interzone 224 At Large

Interzone 224 has now been published and you can read some samples of the contents here. You can also order it directly from there as well, or get it from Central Books, Borders, Transreal, many branches of Forbidden Planet, and lots of other places.


6 Responses to Interzone 224 At Large

  1. Ian Hunter says:

    I’m in Edinburgh tomorrow at a Scottish Drugs Forum conference in the Apex hotel in the Grassmarket (word to my fans, I’ll only be signing one book, and won’t be posing for pictures, and if you can write who you want the dedicated to on a post-it, that would be great, thanks), so I’ll pop along the road and buy a copy in Transreal.

  2. jimsteel says:

    Mine arrived today, so they certainly have a corporeal reality. A drugs conference at the Grassmarket, eh? How ironically delicious is that?

  3. Ian Hunter says:

    Yes, and I did see someone standing in the corner trying to light a strange-looking cigarette – looked more like a deflating zeppelin actually, but would you believe it, Transreal had sold out! And Forbidden Planet only had the last issue, which I had missed somehow, so I picked that one up. The hunt continues.

  4. jimsteel says:

    Good luck! I think there was a hiccup with Borders, but they’re on their way there, if they’re not there already.

  5. Ian Hunter says:

    I’m sure I’l get one, but managed to pick up Best SF 14 at Transreal which I think you praised in a previous post – certainly more manageable length wise than the Dozois tome, but without all the summing up stuff which can be fun.

  6. jimsteel says:

    It’s certainly more portable, that’s for sure.

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