The Bordello of Doom

No relation to the Cave of Doom, I have to say – apart from having the same author, obviously – but The Bordello of Doom will be appearing in Dark Horizons 56 in March. Of course, you will have to join the British Fantasy Society to read it.

What’s that? You’ve just joined? Excellent…


5 Responses to The Bordello of Doom

  1. Ian Hunter says:

    How did you hear about that – is there a list of contents out?

  2. Ian Hunter says:

    Also, your story title sounds like something that should be read at the next WordDogs – Weird Love event next month.

  3. jimsteel says:

    I got an acceptance letter! Or email, rather. I’ve no idea who else is going to be in the issue. Hang on – you’re one of the editors.

    Yes… Weird Love. I take it that you missed the story when it was work-shopped at the Circle? It might be worth asking some of the others if it’s the sort of thing that you’re looking for. It’s not the most tasteful story that I’ve ever written.

    Ach, I’ll send you a copy. Be it on your own head.

  4. Ian Hunter says:

    Thanks, I got it. Yep, as poetry editor, I know what poetry is in, but not which stories – I might have a tongue-in-cheek sword and sorcery story included, and also a poem that was accepted before I became the poetry editor.

  5. jimsteel says:

    After I sent it, I checked the guidelines. How very professional of me – I see that it’s twice as long as your maximum word limit.


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