The Glasgow SF Writers Circle will be convening tonight. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to circle some writers.

I may even make it along myself for the first time in ages.


6 Responses to GSFWC

  1. Ian Hunter says:

    Sadly, I didn’t make it – Celtic Connections tonight and tomorrow night then the Rock Radio Birthday party at the Garage on Friday, so no more get out of jail cards for this week.


  2. jimsteel says:

    I made it; I just didn’t have time to read the story. Normally I can read a print-out on the journey there if I’m pressed for time, but I still haven’t got a printer set up yet. Hopefully that’ll be rectified today.
    If I get my thumb out.
    Celtic Connections sounds fun this year. What have you been seeing?

  3. Ian Hunter says:

    Nothing yet, this is my first gig this year. Linda went to some Alaskan bluegrass band on Sunday, but tonight it’s Trilok Gurtu – ace percussionist plus guests. I’ve seen him a couple of times before, and tomorrow it’s Jan Garbarek, who I’ve also seen twice before. The first time at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh was one of the best concerts ever as he had David Torn who used to play guitar in the Everyman Band with him.

  4. jimsteel says:

    Woosh – not heard of any of them. I’m getting so out of touch these days. I’ll have to dig the programme out and have a look.

  5. Ian Hunter says:

    Trilok Gurtu was brilliant. I knew it would be good when the band walked on and there was a bass player and guitarist and a keyboard player and a violinist. He also had the singer Shanker guesting and Garbarek, and got Scottish trio Lua on to do a couple of songs. Briliant, and somehow we had front row seats. Very Miles Davis-ish (think electric Miles) and Mahavishu Orchestra-like (the 1980s reincarnation of that band), but Gurtu was playing everything from tin boxes, sea shells, to buckets of water!

  6. jimsteel says:

    I’m jealous.

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