Locus 589

Gardner Dozois reviews Interzone 224 and Interzone 225 and prefers the earlier issue. He says that the most substantial story in Interzone 224 is Jason Sanford’s Sublimation Angels, and that Jeremiah Tolbert’s The Godfall’s Chemsong is also good. Chris Butler’s The Festival of Tethselem reminds him of James Tiptree Jr., which is never a bad thing in my opinion. He thinks that Lavie Tidhar’s Funny Pages is the most entertaining story in Interzone 225.

The February Locus also contains its review of 2009, where Dozois says that Interzone had an above-average year, and Rich Horton says that it put out six fine issues. I’ve already mentioned the recommended reading list elsewhere.

I’ll only touch on the bits that touch on me but there is, of course, much more to it than that. The Locus annual review is an excellent window onto the state of the field and you can’t afford to miss it if you’re in any way serious about writing and publishing science fiction.


3 Responses to Locus 589

  1. Ian Hunter says:

    Thanks for the tip. Had a look at the Locus on-line site and printed off their recommended reading list – there goes the Amazon wants list again! But will be interested to see if I’ve got/read any of them already.

  2. jimsteel says:

    Remember to vote in the Locus awards while you’re there, Ian.

  3. Ian Hunter says:

    Will do, and shock horror I actually have a few of these books, and I have read a couple, and even reviewed them! Keep meaning to buy “Going Bovine” though.

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