British Fantasy Society Forum

I’ve started a thread on the British Fantasy Society forum to advertise my doings. It probably won’t contain anything that can’t be found here, but it might give more details on the stuff that I have published by the BFS as I try desperately to explain myself to the other members.


2 Responses to British Fantasy Society Forum

  1. Ian Hunter says:

    Me, too, I’ll try and update it more often than I update my blog, which is about once a week/fortnight.

  2. jimsteel says:

    Yeah – I spotted yours, Ian. The Whispers of Wickedness forum used to do the same thing, and I only started this blog when it was announced that they were closing. It helps me keep track of stuff, if nothing else. The only danger is if we spend so much time publicizing ourself on various outlets that we don’t have any time left to write the proper stuff.

    Time for me to get back to the novel, methinks.

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