World Horror Convention

The 2010 World Horror Convention is underway in Brighton. I was supposed to tell you about Ian Hunter’s reading in the opening spot, but I thought tomorrow would be the first day. My goof. If you missed him, you missed a treat. Still, if you’re going to be there, make sure to buy lots of stuff from Roy Gray at the TTA Press stall in the Victoria room. Then you can head to a bar to network, spill beer over your TTA goodies, and go back to Roy to buy replacements.  Repeat for the duration.


2 Responses to World Horror Convention

  1. Ian Hunter says:

    Slap your head and go “doh!, but it went well. People did turn up, no-one threw anything and some people thought I was funny, almost akin to stand-up (but they may have been drinking). I did buy Gary McMahon’s new novella from the TTA stand. Roy was well placed, being in the corridor outside the door to the main dealers room, and on the way to the other room that Forbidden Planet were in. I will write something up on the website about the convention and post pictures, eventually.

  2. Jim Steel says:

    Doh! I’m going to try and mention Eastercon as well, but I see it’s already the middle of the week. There’s not enough something in the something, that’s for sure. In my case it’s probably brains in head.

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