Black Static 17

It’s here! With the first batch of the Campaign For Real Fear stories! So – deep breath – there’s fiction from Suzanne Palmer, Vylar Kaftan, Ben Baldwin, Dan Keyson, John Shirley, Gemma Files, Kaaron Warren, Alan Morgan, Janos Honkonen, James Burt, Catherine MacLeod, Christine Emmett, Jennifer Williams, Mary Elizabeth Burroughs and Katherine Hughes. Top-notch non-fiction and stunning artwork  complete the package – go here to sample the contents.

Have I ever mentioned that you can take out a joint Black Static/Interzone subscription? I have?


4 Responses to Black Static 17

  1. IAN HUNTER says:

    Ach, my standing order through BBR is out of money, I should probably just subscribe, where’s Roy when you need him?

  2. jimsteel says:


  3. IAN HUNTER says:

    LOL, you’re right, saw a picture of him in some pictures taken at the TTA table on Mark Morris’ Facebook page.

  4. IAN HUNTER says:

    Was in Edinburgh yesterday and headed over to Transreal to pick up a copy, but it was shut!!! Still, very entertaining dodging into pubs in the Grassmarket after the cheers of something happening in the England vs Germany game.

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