Tales From The Garret

Jaine Fenn reviews Music For Another World. Not a fan of my story, alas…


4 Responses to Tales From The Garret

  1. IAN HUNTER says:

    Wait until I review it!

  2. jimsteel says:

    Oh god. What works best on you, Ian, threats or bribes?

  3. IAN HUNTER says:

    It’s on the bedside table right now, near the top, but below a book on antimatter.

    Meant to take it to the Circle the other night and get you and Neil to sign it, but you weren’t there and I forgot the book anyway – doh!

  4. jimsteel says:

    Yeah, I’ve been a bit lax in my attendance lately. Been a pretty hectic year, and now I seem to have a sleet of deadlines raining down on me. Still, it beats not getting anything published…

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