Doctor Dark

Gary Gibson spots something at WordDogs.


5 Responses to Doctor Dark

  1. IAN HUNTER says:

    Pity he got the audience figures wrong, there were three people sitting listening at my table and three at the table behind us, and three at his own table -him , Lorraine and Neil. My meagre maths skills makes that nine, not two.

  2. jimsteel says:

    Yeah, I noticed that as well. Gary was obviously going for dramatic effect.

  3. Gary Gibson says:

    When I got there someone told me I was the first ‘audience’ member to turn up, then someone else turned up, thereby doubling the audience, at which point I made a crack. I didn’t say nobody else turned up *after* that…

  4. jimsteel says:

    I was exaggerating, Gary…

  5. IAN HUNTER says:

    Never believe anyone, that’s my motto, especially at WordDogs, but we don’t want him in the audience, we want him reading, even without a funny hat on.

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