SF Site

D. Douglas Fratz reviews Interzone 229.

3 Responses to SF Site

  1. iansales says:

    Probably not a good review to link to…

  2. jimsteel says:

    It’s a bit insular to be sure, but the Bookzone gets a good write-up. Weirdly, Interzone has published fiction by Bruce Sterling, Chris Beckett, Aliette de Boddard, Will McIntosh, Eugie Foster, Rudy Rucker, Toby Litt, Hannu Rajaniemi and others during the couple of years that I’ve been editing the Bookzone. Of course, there are also plenty of authors who are big in North America but who are almost unknown throughout the world at large. It’s a funny old game, innit?

  3. iansales says:

    It’s basically a piss-poor review of the magazine.

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