Vector 265

The latest issue of Vector has just been published and it contains my reviews of Chris Beckett’s The Holy Machine and Marcher as well as somebody else’s review of Music For Another World. Probably. I haven’t actually seen a copy yet.


5 Responses to Vector 265

  1. IAN HUNTER says:

    What did you make of “Marcher”? Like I said on the GSFWC page, why aren’t the BBC buying the rights to that and making a TV series out of it?

  2. Jim Steel says:

    I’ve now seen Vector and apparently I liked it a lot.

    Yeah, it would make a great BBC series. A darker ‘Life On Mars’ vibe, maybe, if that isn’t sheapening it. But never mind the BBC, why isn’t a British publisher buying the rights?

  3. IAN HUNTER says:

    I know what you mean, it’s the sort of thing some publisher would buy and NOT market as science fiction.

  4. Jim Steel says:

    I can’t believe it wasn’t snapped up after he won the Edgehill Prize. Maybe there’s a contractual reason why only Dorchester have published it so far. Who knows?

  5. Jim Steel says:

    I think I might have found out what’s happened to Marcher’s rights:

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