Black Static 23

Black Static 23 is out!

Buy it – it’s brilliant!

Better still, take out a sub!

Or even better – take out a joint Black Static/Interzone sub!

4 Responses to Black Static 23

  1. IAN HUNTER says:

    Got it yesterday, love that new mag smell. Off to London tomorrow for three days so hope to read it all when I’m away. Just read Stephen Volk’s column, but was thrown slightly by the lack of contents pages – gives me a steer on picking the shortest story first. And this is the last issue of the double-subscription, about to be “Ray’ed”

  2. Jim Steel says:

    Too much to pack in this time and the contents page had to go. How’s that for value for money?

    • IAN HUNTER says:

      I was sitting on the plane on the way down, reading the reviews of the Dracule spin-offs and the woman sitting next to me is reading Kim Newman’s “Anno Dracula”.

  3. Jim Steel says:

    I love it when that happens.

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