Satellite 4

I’ve signed up for Satellite 4 which will also be the 2014 Eastercon. Eastercon is the national British SF convention.


5 Responses to Satellite 4

  1. Ian Hunter says:

    Having never been to one, I’ve got no excuse since it’s in Glasgow.

  2. Jim Steel says:

    Since one of your fellow Interzone reviewers is guest of honour (and it’s in Glasgow), I thought I’d better turn up as well.

    You’ll enjoy it, Ian. It’s probably not all that different from Fantasycon.

  3. Ian Hunter says:

    So I can leave the blender at home and the rest of my Borg costume?

  4. Jim Steel says:

    Take the blender – we can make cocktails.

  5. Jim Steel says:

    Oops! Just realised I had this down as the 2013 Eastercon. It’s the 2014 one. Corrected now.

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