Short Stories

Thrilling Air StoriesThe 40p

The Daylight Witch Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction 38 paperback, ebook, online edition

The Last Victorian Midnight Street 16

Doctor DarkBritish Fantasy Society Journal Spring 2011 paperback, Kindle edition, honourable mention in The Best Horror of the Year 4

ColoniesDark Horizons 57

Shostakovich Ensemble, The – Music For Another World (ISBN-10: 1907553002, ISBN-13: 978-1907553004) paperback, Kindle, reading (excerpt), BSFA Award nominationreview, review, review, review, review, review, review

The Bordello of Doom Dark Horizons 56, ebook

Red ChristmasSupernatural Tales 16 (ISSN 1476-8674), Kindleexcerpt, review, review, review, review, The Best Horror of the Year volume 2 honourable mentionBritish Fantasy Award recommendation, winner of Supernatural Tales 16 readers poll

Enemy of the PartyEvery Day Fiction email magazine 8 October 2009, website (ISSN 1918-1000)

The Beating HeartDark Horizons 55, ebook

Passing Through Dark Horizons 54

The View From The Top Twisted Tongue 12 paperback, PDF

The Bears in the Wood Polluto 4 paperback, hardback (ISBN: 978-0-9550631-6-9,  ISSN: 1756-2120), Full Fathom Forty, review

Pop TonesBeeswax 5

Jaw Jaw – Premonitions: Causes for Alarm (ISSN: 0968-6185), review, review, review

MacAnimal FarmCutting Teeth volume 2 issue 3 (ISSN 1357-132X)

FliesDark Horizons 52

Baby BoomSein und Werden: Maps edition, Strange Attractor 3 (ISSN 0966-3347)

The Fog Catcher – Whispers of Wickedness 14, The Future FireBFS award nomination, honourable mention in Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 21

A Tale of the SupermarketWhispers of Wickedness 12, review

A Wee Dram o’ LearningBehind The Wainscot 10 (ISSN 1941-2916)

Orion RisingJupiter XV: Adrastea (ISSN 1740-2069), review

Be PreparedDrabble II: Double Century (ISBN 1-870824-15-6)

Apple For TeechaThe Third Alternative 2 (ISSN 1352-3783), honourable mention in Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 8

Shivering Sam Points the Way Ahead – The Unusual Genitals Party

One Way Out – New Dawn Fades 13

Goodbye Runt – Albedo One 1 (ISSN 0791-8089), pdf edition

Farthing Drabble 11Farthing 4, Farthing badge (excerpt)

Tom Brown’s School DazeWorks 6, Territories 1

Face a New God! – Flickers’n’Frames 12

Mirrors – Flickers’n’Frames 15

Tales from the Ghetto #28 – Nova 5

Freshman – Irish Science Fiction Association News 77

Bull Hits – Midnight in Hell 9, Outside Lines 6

Easter EverywhereBlood, Blade & Thruster, first place in Delta writing contest

A NightmareMidnight in Hell, StorySouth Million Writers award nomination, review

Dreams of the PleistoceneMidnight in Hell

———forthcoming fiction———

No Added TimeDark Reign

The Crock of ShetThirty Years of Rain


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