———Novels & Collections———

Heart of Veridon by Tim Akers – Interzone 225, ezine (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Horns of Plenty by Tim Akers – Interzone 232 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Transformations: The Story of the Science Fiction Magazines 2 by Mike Ashley – Interzone 199 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Armageddon Run by Richard Austin – Flickers’n’Frames 12

War Zone by Richard Austin – Flickers’n’Frames 12

The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi – Interzone 233 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Surface Detail by Iain M. BanksBritish Fantasy Society

God’s Demon by Wayne Barlowe – Vector 258 (ISSN 05050448 )

Dark Eden by Chris Beckett – Interzone 239 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Holy Machine by Chris Beckett – Vector 265 (ISSN 05050448)

Marcher by Chris Beckett – Vector 265 (ISSN 05050448)

The Troupe by Robert Jackson Bennet – Vector 271 (ISSN 05050448)

The Twyning by Terence Blacker – Interzone 245 (ISSN 05050448)

Existence by David Brin –  Interzone 242 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Swamp Foetus by Poppy Z. Brite – Flickers’n’Frames 23-1

Helix by Eric BrownThe Zone

Children of the Thunder by John Brunner – Works Study 7

The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Bullington – British Fantasy Society Journal Summer 2011

Sea of Ghosts by Alan Campbell – British Fantasy Society Journal Summer 2011

1942 by Robert Conroy – Interzone 221, ezine (ISSN 0265-3596)

The Worshippers and the Way: Chronicles of an Age of Darkness 9 by Hugh Cook – Paperback Inferno 97

The Creative Fire by Brenda Cooper – Interzone 244

The Diamond Deep by Brenda Cooper – Interzone 249

Witchfinder General by Ian CooperBritish Fantasy Society

So Far, So Near by Mat Coward – Interzone 210 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Shell Game by Melissa Crandell – Vector 173

The Midnight Hour by Neil DaviesWhispers of Wickedness

Harbinger of the Storm by Aliette de Bodard – British Fantasy Society Journal Summer 2011

Mary and the Giant by Philip K. Dick – Flickers’n’Frames 12

Ditko’s Shorts by Steve Ditko – Interzone 257 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Another Santana Morning by Mike DolanThe Fix

Bane by Joe Donnelly – Paperback Inferno 90

Stone by Joe Donnelly – Paperback Inferno 96

An A to Z of the Fantastic City by Hal Duncan – Interzone 240

This Side of Judgement by J.R. Dunn – Vector 184

Incandescence by Greg Egan – Interzone 217 (ISSN 0264-3596), electronic edition

Jaran by Kate Elliot – Flickers’n’Frames 22

Conflagration by Mick Farren – Interzone 205 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Guardians of Paradise by Jaine FennBritish Fantasy Society

Greenthieves by Alan Dean Foster – Vector 182

Astra by Naomi Foyle – Vector 277 (ISSN 05050448)

Revenger 1 by Warwick Fraser-Coombe – Interzone 257 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Eros Lane by Gary Graham – Flickers’n’Frames 21

In Search of Superstrings by John GribbenT3A Space

Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway – Vector 272 (ISSN 05050448)

Dragon’s Eye by James A. Hetley – Interzone 202 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Paratwa by Christopher Hinz – Paperback Inferno 90

Alison by Andrew HumphreysWhispers of Wickedness

Captives by Sean Huston – Vector 170

Crap Ghosts by Gavin InglisThe Fix

Soul Eater by K.W. Jeter – Flickers’n’Frames 12

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen – Interzone 253 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Black Dog Eats The City by Chris Kelso – Interzone 251 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Dark Beyond by John Von Kesmark – Vector 257 (ISSN 05050448 )

Four Past Midnight by Stephen King – Paperback Inferno 93

Phantoms by Dean R. Koontz – Paperback Inferno 88

Shattered by Dean R. Koontz – Paperback Inferno 88

Voice of the Night by Dean R. Koontz – Paperback Inferno 88

Rome Burning by Sophia McDougall British Fantasy Society

Echo City by Tim Lebbon – Vector 269

Dangerous Waters by Juliet E. McKenna – Interzone 236 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Cygnet and the Firebird by Patricia McKillip – Flickers’n’Frames 22

Charles Urban’s Brutal Spirits by Gary McMahonWhispers of Wickedness

Grave Stones by Priscilla Masters –  British Fantasy Society Journal Summer 2011

Embassytown by China MiévilleBritish Fantasy Society

Close Quarters by Victor Milan – Flickers’n’Frames 23-1

Slice by Rex Miller – Paperback Inferno 92

Alligator Alley by Mink Mole & Dr Adder – Back Brain Recluse 16 (ISSN 0269-9990)

Equations of Life by Simon Morden – Interzone 234 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Stitch by Mark Morris – Paperback Inferno 97

Armageddon Off Vesta by M.S. Murdoch – Paperback Inferno 88

The Ritual by Adam Nevill – British Fantasy Society Journal Autumn 2011

The Rook by Daniel O’Malley – Interzone 245 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Shadow of the Soul by Sarah Pinborough – British Fantasy Society Journal Autumn 2011

The Fractal Prince by Hannu Rajaniemi – Vector 275 (ISSN 05050448)

The Computer Club by D.G. Reid – Flickers’n’Frames 21

Terminal World by Alastair ReynoldsBritish Fantasy Society

The Glorious Angels by Justina Robson – Interzone 257 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Mad Professor by Rudy RuckerThe Zone

Mathematians in Love by Rudy Rucker – Interzone 208 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Hollow Earth by Rudy Rucker – Vector 172

Air by Geoff Ryman – Interzone 200 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The King’s Last Song by Geoff Ryman – Interzone 204 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Never Never Stories by Jason Sanford – Interzone 236 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Wake by Robert J. SawyerThe Fix

The Grim Company by Luke Scull – Interzone 245 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Stephen King Quiz Book by Stephen Spignesi – Paperback Inferno 93

REAMDE by Neal StephensonBritish Fantasy Society

The Protector’s War by S.M. Stirling – Interzone 201 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Devil’s Maze by Gerald Suster – Flickers’n’Frames 21

Stations of the Tide by Michael Swanwick – Vector 173

Tome of the Undergates by Sam Sykes – Vector 263

The Golden City by John Twelve Hawks – British Fantasy Society Journal Summer 2011

The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer with S.J. Chambers – Interzone 235  (ISSN 0264-3596), review

Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson – Interzone 243 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Son of Heaven by David Wingrove – Vector 268 (ISSN 05050448)

Daylight on Iron Mountain by David Wingrove – Interzone 238 (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe – Paperback Inferno 90

The Claw of the Conciliator by Gene Wolfe – Paperback Inferno 90

The Sword of the Lictor by Gene Wolfe – Paperback Inferno 94

The Citadel of the Autarch by Gene Wolfe – Paperback Inferno 94

Black Lung Captain by Chris Wooding – Interzone 230  (ISSN 0264-3596)

Sorry Please Thank You by Charles Yu – Interzone 243 (ISSN 0264-3596)

———Anthologies & Magazines———

Analog volume 128 issue 11– The Fix

Analog volume 129 issue 1+2 The Fix

Analog volume 129 issue 3 The Fix

Analog volume 129 issue 4The Fix

Analog volume 129 issue 5The Fix

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 34The Fix

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 36The Fix

Apex 8Whispers of Wickedness

Asimov’s Science Fiction 372The Zone

Asimov’s Science Fiction 373The Zone

Black Tears 6 – Flickers’n’Frames 23-1

Brave New Words: The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction edited by Jeff Prucher – Interzone 212, ezine (ISSN 0264-3596)

Cemetery Dance 57Whispers of Wickedness

CyberPsychos AOD 6 – Back Brain Recluse Directory 2

Dream 25 – Works Study 7

FTL 6Back Brain Recluse 17 (ISSN 0269-9990)

Intertek 3.3Back Brain Recluse 21 (ISSN 0269-9990)

Jupiter XVI – MetisWhispers of Wickedness

Intergalactic Medicine Show 8The Fix

Invasion of the Liberty Snatchers edited by George Hay – Flickers’n’Frames 21

The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud WristletInterzone 214, ezine (ISSN 0264-3596)

Leading Edge 54The Fix

Light’s List of Literary Magazines 1991 – Back Brain Recluse 20 (ISSN 0269-9990)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 657The Zone

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 658The Zone

The Mammoth Book of Vampires edited by Stephen Jones – Vector 169

The Modern Dance 15 – Flickers’n’Frames 21

New Pathways 20Back Brain Recluse 21 (ISSN 0269-9990)

New Worlds 217Territories 2

New Writings in the Fantastic edited by John GrantWhispers of Wickedness

The Next Big Thing 25 – Zene 3 (ISSN 1355-5154)

Paper Cities edited by Ekaterina Sedia – Interzone 216, ezine (ISSN 0264-3596)

The Philip K. Dick Society Newsletter 25Back Brain Recluse 19 (ISSN 0269-9990)

Polluto 2Whispers of Wickedness, Polluto

Polluto 3The Fix

Quantum 43/44Back Brain Recluse 22 (ISSN 0269-9990)

Reign of Fear: The Fiction and Film of Stephen KingPaperback Inferno 92

Sein Und Werden 4Whispers of Wickedness

Semiotext(e) SF 14Back Brain Recluse 18 (ISSN 0269-9990)

Something Wicked 7The Fix

The Space Opera RenaissanceInterzone 206 (ISSN 0264-3596)

Strange Attractor 1Back Brain Recluse 21 (ISSN 0269-9990)

Strange Plasma 4 – Back Brain Recluse 20 (ISSN 0269-9990)

Stride 35 – Zene 3 (ISSN 1355-5154)

Stride 36 – Zene 3 (ISSN 1355-5154)

Tiny Terrors 2Whispers of Wickedness

Triangulation: End of Time edited by Pete ButlerWhispers of Wickedness

Triquorum IIWhispers of Wickedness

Under Surveillance 1 – Flickers’n’Frames 23-1

Unnatural: Techno-Theory For a Contaminated World edited by Matthew Fuller –  Back Brain Recluse Directory 1

Weird Tales 347The Fix

Yazzyk 3 – Back Brain Recluse 23 (ISSN 0269-9990) (ISBN 1 872588 04 02)

ZencoreBritish Fantasy Society, Whispers of Wickedness


Alone Across the PacificVideoVista

Assault on the PacificVideoVista



Battleship PotemkinVideoVista

Blackbeard the PirateVideoVista (with Emma Steel)


Blood Runs ColdVideoVista

BunrakuThe Zone

Chaw VideoVista



City of Life and DeathVideoVista


The Corpse VanishesVideoVista

Cowboys & ZombiesThe Zone

CrowbarThe Zone

Crows Zero IIThe Zone

Dante 01The Zone

Days of GloryVideoVista

The DealVideoVista

Deep WaterVideoVista

The Devil’s KissThe Zone

Die Screaming, MarianneVideoVista


Dragon WarsVideoVista



Eden LogVideoVista

Edvard MunchVideoVista

Escape From The BronxVideoVista

Ex DrummerVideoVista

The FallenVideoVista

Brian Ferry: DylanesqueSoundchecks

Flashpoint VideoVista

Fox And His FriendsVideoVista

Futurama: Into The Wild Green YonderVideoVista

Hansel & GretelThe Zone


The Hawks and the SparrowsVideoVista


Hiroshima mon amourVideoVista

Holy MountainVideoVista

How The Earth Was MadeVideoVista

HugoThe Zone

ImmortalsThe Zone


In the Shadow of the MoonVideoVista

Intimate EnemiesVideoVista

I Sell The DeadVideoVista



Kill ListThe Zone

King of New YorkVideoVista

Laibach: Divided States of AmericaSoundchecks

Lala pipoVideoVista

The Last StationVideoVista

Late AutumnVideoVista

Leo VideoVista

Live and BecomeVideoVista

The Lives of the SaintsVideoVista

Look Both WaysVideoVista

The Man with the Severed HeadThe Zone

The Mayor of CasterbridgeVideoVista

Mother Kusters Goes To HeavenVideoVista

Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny, and GirlyVideoVista

Musashi: The Dream of the Last SamuraiThe Zone

The Niklashauser JourneyVideoVista

1990: The Bronx WarriorsVideoVista


Oedipus RexVideoVista

On Stranger TidesThe Zone

OperaThe Zone

Paradox SoldiersThe Zone


Perfect SenseThe Zone

Pig HuntVideoVista

Pistol OperaVideoVista





RasputinThe Zone

Razor EatersVideoVista

The Red ShoesVideoVista

ResistanceThe Zone

The Road to CorinthVideoVista

Rock’n’Roll High SchoolVideoVista

Rock’n’Roll High School ForeverVideoVista

Satan’s BrewVideoVista

Sawdust and Tinsel VideoVista

S. DarkoVideoVista

Sea WolfVideoVista

71: Into the FireVideoVista

Shogun AssassinVideoVista

Schloss VogelödVideoVista

The Simpsons MovieVideoVista

SleeplessThe Zone

The SquadThe Zone

The Strange DoorVideoVista


Tales from the Golden AgeVideoVista

Tangerine Dream: PhaedraSoundchecks

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great JobVideoVista

To Die In San HilarioVideoVista

Tokyo Gore PoliceVideoVista

Tout va bienVideoVista

True GritVideoVista

28 Weeks LaterVideoVista

UltramarinesThe Zone

Undead or AliveVideoVista

The UnforgivingVideoVista

War Inc.VideoVista

The Warrior’s PathVideoVista

Wild at Heart – Flickers’n’Frames 11

The Wind in the WillowsVideoVista

Winter LightVideoVista


Zombie TransfusionVideoVista


The Ultimate Collection by The CarpentersSoundchecks

Damned Damned Damned by The DamnedSoundchecks

Beyond by Dinosaur JrSoundchecks

Ersatz GB by The FallSoundchecks

Salt by Forget CassettesSoundchecks

System Fault by Aiden JollySoundchecks

Laibach at The Arena, Glasgow – Sun Zoom Spark 9 (ISSN 1352-6286)

Unanswerable Lust/Beast Box by Luxuria Soundchecks

No Thyself by MagazineSoundchecks

Battle Hymns For A New Republic by Plate SixSoundchecks


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