Interzone 246

May 13, 2013

246 cover#

Interzone 246 will be published in the next couple of days. If you have a joint subscription then your copy will arrive with Black Static 34. Use the links for further details.

This issue’s Book Zone features the first of Jonathan McCalmont’s “Future Interrupted” columns, which will be a regular feature from now on. We also have reviews of the following books:

The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes (reviewed and interviewed by Maureen Kincaid Speller)

The Best of all Possible Worlds by Karen Lord (reviewed by Jonathan McCalmont)

Adam Robots by Adam Roberts (reviewed by Paul Graham Raven)

The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination edited by John Joseph Adams (reviewed by Barbara Melville)

Wool by Hugh Howey (reviewed by Ian Sales)

Planesrunner by Ian McDonald (reviewed by Jack Deighton)

Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos; The Fourth Faction by John Wagner, Ben Willsher, Staz Johnson, Colin MacNeil and Henry Flint (reviewed by Ian Hunter)

Herald of the Storm by Richard Ford (reviewed by Peter Loftus)

The Explorer by James Smythe (reviewed by Matthew S. Dent)

Dangerous Gifts by Gaie Sebold (reviewed by Lawrence Osborn)

The Emperor of All Things by Paul Witcover (reviewed by Duncan Lunan)

Osiris by E.J. Swift (reviewed by Simon Marshall Jones)

There is a dedicated forum thread for this issue at Interaction.


Interzone 243

November 14, 2012

Artwork by Ben Baldwin

This issue should be out very, very soon; we’re talking days now. There will be fiction from Jon Wallace, Chen Qiufan (translated by Ken Liu), Priya Sharma, Jason Sanford and Caroline M. Yoachim; non-fiction columns from David Langford, Tony Lee and Nick Lowe; and artwork from Ben Baldwin, Richard Wagner, Martin Hanford and Warwick Fraser-Coombe. Go here for details and samples.

The Bookzone will feature:

Jack Glass by Adam Roberts (reviewed and interviewed by Paul Kincaid)

Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson (reviewed by me)

Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan (reviewed by Paul F. Cockburn)

Empty Space by M. John Harrison (reviewed by Jack Deighton)

The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M. Banks (reviewed by Lara Buckerton)

Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce (reviewed by Elaine Gallagher)

Sorry Please Thank You by Charles Yu (reviewed by me)

The Sphinx of the Ice Realm by Jules Verne (reviewed by Duncan Lunan)

The Fractal Prince by Hannu Rajaniemi (reviewed by Paul F. Cockburn)

The Wurms of Blearmouth by Steven Erikson (reviewed by Stephen Theaker)

Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone (reviewed by Ian Sales)



Vector 265

March 7, 2011

Photograph by NASA

The latest issue of Vector is a Stephen Baxter special with no less than nine different features by Jonathan McCalmont, Gary K. Wolfe, Adam Roberts, Simon Bradshaw, Tony Keen, Andy Sawyer, Niall Harrison and Graham Sleight.

The review section has my reviews of Chris Beckett’s The Holy Machine and Marcher as well as Paul Graham Raven’s interview with Beckett. No review of Music For Another World, though, but the British Science Fiction Association Awards 2010 booklet that come with this mailing reprints Neil Williamson’s Arrhythmia from the anthology as well as the other shortlisted stories: Nina Allan’s Flying in the Face of God (Interzone 227), Aliette de Bodard’s The Shipmaker (Interzone 231) and Peter Watt’s The Things (Clarkesworld 40).

And there is another booklet with this mailing. Into The Woods: Robert Holdstock Remembered has contributions from Paul Kincaid, Niall Harrison, Stephen Baxter, David Schwatz and Liz Williams, not to mention an interview and a poem from the late and sorely missed writer.

Interzone 221

March 1, 2009

















Artwork by Adam Tredowski.

Interzone 221 will be out by the 12th of March, and has stories from Bruce Sterling, Al Robertson, Matthew Kressel, Will McIntosh, Alaya Dawn Johnson, and Paul Berger. In the Bookzone this time we have:

The Caryatids by Bruce Sterling (review and interview by Ian Sales)

Escape From Hell by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle, and Escape From Hell! by Hal Duncan (reviewed by Paul Cockburn)

The Best of Gene Wolfe (reviewed by Paul Kincaid)

The Mystery of Grace by Charles de Lint (reviewed by Lawrence Osbourn)

One Second After by William Forschen (reviewed by John Howard)

Seeds of Earth by Michael Cobley (reviewed by Peter Loftus)

Yellow Blue Tibia by Adam Roberts (reviewed by Kevin Stone)

Journey Into Space by Toby Litt (reviewed by Paul Kincaid)

UFO in Her Eyes by Xiaolu Guo (reviewed by Rick Kleffel)

1942 by James Conroy (reviewed by me)

That’s another remarkable cover, isn’t it?