September 16, 2012

Peter Tennant has republished his review of Premonitions: Causes For Alarm from Black Static 9.



February 24, 2009

Black Static 9 is packed with dark, elegant stories, but I’m going to single out Al Robertson’s Changling for mention. It arrives in a rush of suppressed emotion that clings to the narrator all the way through as it drops the trauma of the Gulf War into Mythago Wood (one could say), and it is one of the top stories in a strong issue. In case you don’t read contributor notes (or even Black Static, come to that), it should be pointed out that you’ll find another one of Robertson’s stories, Fishermen, in Interzone 221 which will be out in March.

Meanwhile, the GSFWC is meeting tonight and I’m suffocating beneath deadlines. Must… not… go… to… pub… after… meeting…

Premonitions in Black Static

February 17, 2009

Finally got to see Black Static 9 and, after making myself a hostage to fortune earlier, I better say something about Pete’s review of Premonitions: Causes For Alarm. It’s nearly a thousand words long, I reckon, and Pete limited himself to the more horror-themed of the contributions. It’s probably fair to say that he liked some of the others more than mine. I’d go out and buy it, if I were you. Which publication, you ask? Why, both, of course.

I’m starting to drift again, but I’ve just found out that Little Steven’s Underground Garage radio show is being syndicated on DAB (Absolute Radio Classic Rock) between 8-10pm in the UK on Mondays. It is essential for lovers of sixties’ garage bands. And ‘cos I’ve only just found out, that means I missed last night’s show.

Oh yeah – I was watching Magazine instead. If you’ve got the time I’ll quite happily write 2000 words on that.

Heh heh heh.

Black Static 9

February 13, 2009

Black Static 9 has been published and should be arriving on shop shelves and doormats any second now. Peter Tennant reviews  Premonitions: Causes For Alarm in it but, if it’s a bad review, this might be the last time I mention it. The review, that is. I’ll be banging on about Black Static for a long time to come.  It’s the best horror magazine in the world.