Dark Horizons 57

September 14, 2010

Dark Horizons 57 has now been published and contains fiction from Malcolm Laughton, Stephen Bacon, Charlotte Bond, Zachary Jernigan and – tra-la – me. Louise Morgan interviews Mark Charan Newton, Jenny Barber interviews Aliette de Boddard, Stephen Theaker interviews Allen Ashley, and Mike Barrett writes about the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series. Poems a-plenty from Allen Ashley,  J.R. Salling, Graylin,  Sarah Doyle, Ian Hunter, Roy Gray,  Alessio Zanelli and Rick Coonrod. And it’s all wonderfully illustrated by Martin Hanford, John Shanks, Inna Hansen, Alf Klosterman, David Bezzina and Les Edwards.

Of course, to get it you have to join the British Fantasy Society. Or you can try and buy a copy at FantasyCon next weekend. However, if you join the BFS you will also get a copy of the latest Prism, not to mention £10 off the price of a FantasyCon ticket. What to do?

Dark Horizons 57

September 7, 2010

Martin Hanford has provided the artwork for the cover of Dark Horizons 57 and it looks like my story, Colonies, is the cover story. I’m going to claim it anyway, har har!

It’s out this month and you can discover the rest of the contents through the link above.


June 13, 2010

My short story, Colonies, will be appearing in Dark Horizons 57 in September. To see it, join the British Fantasy Society.