Sketchbook Special

November 10, 2009

The latest Estronomicon has just come out, my fiends. Once again it’s free and is packed with stories, including a short, sharp punch from GSFWC member Graeme Stevenson. Steve Upham’s artwork continues to astound: this issue has one of the most disturbing covers that I’ve ever seen. I think it reminds me of someone…


March 2, 2009

The Progress 2009 Estronomicon is available as a free PDF from Screaming Dreams. It has fiction from Jane Frank, Bob Lock, John T. Carney, J.W. Bennett, Andrew Marshall, Mark Lewis, Benedict J. Jones, Tom Sykes, and Neil Burlington, art by B.A. Bosaiya and Dirk Holzenhaur, and a film feature from the inexhaustible Tony Lee.

Christmas Estronomicon

December 20, 2008

Screaming Dreams have issued a special Christmas issue of Estronomicon.  As well as a brutal festive morality tale from the GSFWC‘s Ian Hunter, it also has contributions from Marie O’Regan, David A. Sutton, David Hardy, Les Edwards, Vincent Chong, Paul Kane and many others.

Get it here.  It’s free.