Review of the Week 6

August 15, 2010

My review of The Last Station is VideoVista‘s review of the week on Facebook.




February 23, 2010

I seem to have acquired a Facebook page (or wall or account or whatever the hell it is) and all I was trying to do was to get a look at the TTA Press and BFS Facebook sites.

So how did that happen? And what do I do with the damned thing? Are social networks any real use to a sociopath? Am I supposed to stick my face on it?


TTA Facebook

January 15, 2010

TTA Press has now got a new Facebook which is in the capable hands of Marc-Anthony Taylor.

Is that the correct terminology? Technology just baffles me.

BFS Facebook

August 7, 2009

Official advance warning about the next Dark Horizons, for those who don’t believe me. And why should you?

The BFS generally  only prints enough copies for its members and contributors so you’ll have to join here, unless swine flu decimates the numbers after it’s been printed. That will mean you’ll be able pick up a copy on eBay.

SF Crowsnest Facebook

November 17, 2008

SF Crowsnest has had its Facebook pages hacked and hijacked.  The link is to the regular site which is still functioning properly.

Editor Stephen Hunt wants the word spread, so read the full story here.