FantasyCon 2012

September 30, 2012

Nearly forgot to mention that the national British convention for fantastical and weird fiction is taking place this weekend in Brighton. It’s still not too late to catch some of it. Drink beer, raid the dealers’ room, etc.

Full Fathom Forty Launch

September 5, 2011

The Full Fathom Forty launch will be taking place between 5-6pm, Friday 30th September in Bar Rogue of the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton as part of Fantasycon 2011.

British Fantasy Awards 2010

September 19, 2010

Congratulations to the winners!

Dark Horizons 57

September 14, 2010

Dark Horizons 57 has now been published and contains fiction from Malcolm Laughton, Stephen Bacon, Charlotte Bond, Zachary Jernigan and – tra-la – me. Louise Morgan interviews Mark Charan Newton, Jenny Barber interviews Aliette de Boddard, Stephen Theaker interviews Allen Ashley, and Mike Barrett writes about the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series. Poems a-plenty from Allen Ashley,  J.R. Salling, Graylin,  Sarah Doyle, Ian Hunter, Roy Gray,  Alessio Zanelli and Rick Coonrod. And it’s all wonderfully illustrated by Martin Hanford, John Shanks, Inna Hansen, Alf Klosterman, David Bezzina and Les Edwards.

Of course, to get it you have to join the British Fantasy Society. Or you can try and buy a copy at FantasyCon next weekend. However, if you join the BFS you will also get a copy of the latest Prism, not to mention £10 off the price of a FantasyCon ticket. What to do?

Fantasycon 2010

September 13, 2010

Fantasycon 2010 is taking place next weekend in Nottingham (17th-19th September). It’s organised by the British Fantasy Society and lots of writers of strange fiction with be there. Plenty of  publishers will have a presence, including Mutation Press and  TTA Press.

Beer, books and more beer. The horror, the horror…

FantasyCon 2009

September 13, 2009

FantasyCon 2009 is taking place between 18th-20th September (next weekend) in the Britannia Hotel, Nottingham. It is the annual bash for the British Fantasy Society where awards will be awarded, books will be launched, beer will be drunk and nets will be worked. This year’s guests of honour are Gail Z. Martin, Jasper Fjorde and Brian Clemens, and the MC is Ian Watson, but you won’t be able to move without bumping into authors and publishers. It is highly recommended to anyone interested in the field. The dealers’ room will be packed as well (I particularly recommend the TTA Press and Screaming Dreams stalls, of course, and Waterstone’s has also been known to carry the odd intriguing title as well).

I won’t be there (because it is career suicide for me to appear in public) but there should be a strong Glaswegian contingent in attendance.

FantasyCon 2009

June 28, 2009

FantasyCon 2009 is the  British national fantasy convention, and it is taking place in Nottingham between 18th & 20th September. If you’re intending to attend, remember that the cost of registration will be going up from £50 to £60 on 1st July.