January 11, 2013

Justin and Glen give us their picks for what should win the Hugos. But won’t.


Hugo Awards 2011

April 25, 2011

And the shortlists for the Hugo Awards have also been announced.

2010 Hugos

September 9, 2010

The full results of the 2010 Hugos can be found here. Interzone came second in its catagory, with Ansible in fifth place which is a very respectable placing if you scroll to the bottom and have a look at the breakdowns of the nominations. Plenty of nominations for Interzone people and stuff, and the Vector site too, which is nice.

2010 Hugo Voters Packet

May 5, 2010

Most (all?) of the nominees for the 2010 Hugo awards are available in the electronic voter’s packet. You will have to be a supporting member of this year’s worldcon in order to vote, and that will cost you £25 or Aus$70. However, even if you’re not attending, you will still get your money’s worth from the packet. John Scalzi has listed the contents here.

Of course, if you are going, all the better. It’s in Australia this year, in case you hadn’t already worked it out. That’s why it’s called Aussiecon 4.