Starship Sofa 294

July 23, 2013

Caroline M. Yoachim’s The Philosophy of Ships from Interzone 243 was the featured story in a Starship Sofa podcast a few weeks ago.

It’s still available, of course, and is still free. I’ve merely been a bit sloppy when it comes to keeping up with podcasts recently and have only just found out about it.


John’s Reading

January 17, 2013

John Fairhurst reviews Interzone 243.                     

SF Revu January 2013

January 4, 2013

Sam Tomaino reviews Interzone 243.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

December 8, 2012

Anthony G. Williams reviews Interzone 243.

Interzone 243 Kindle

December 5, 2012

Yup. Interzone 243 Kindle.

Smashwords Interzone 243

December 5, 2012

Interzone 243 is an ebook!

Get yourself a jugful and pour its electronic goodness into your ereader.


December 2, 2012

Fantastic Literature stocks Interzone 243.

As does Transreal.