British Fantasy Society Journal 2011

May 20, 2011

Artwork by Tomislav Tikulin

I’ll have a few reviews in this unless I’m very much mistaken. Available mid-to-late June — join the BFS and get your copy. Or not. It’s a free world, at least when it comes to things like this.

It already has a thread on the BFS forum.


British Fantasy Journal Spring 2011

March 24, 2011

Artwork by Daniele Serra

Scheduled to be published in the first week of April by the BFS in hardback with an electronic edition to follow.

British Fantasy Society Journal March 2011

February 22, 2011

artwork by Daniele Serra

Daniele Serra’s artwork will be on the cover of the March issue of the British Fantasy Society Journal which will have fiction from Allen Ashley, Mike Chinn, Stephen Bacon, Sam Stone, Stuart Hughes, Murray Ewing, Darren Guest, Sam Verrall, Terry Grimwood, William H. Wandless, C.E. Hyun and me; poetry from Allen Ashley, Mike Chinn, Stephen Bacon, Sam Stone, Stuart Hughes, Murray Ewing, Darren Guest, Sam Verrall, Terry Grimwood, William H. Wandless, C.E. Hyun and Scott Green; non-fiction from Mike Barrett; additional artwork from David Bezzina and Dean Harkness. There will be reviews a-plenty and it’s edited by Peter Coleborn, Jan Edwards, Ian Hunter, Andrew Hook and David A. Riley.

Dark Horizons 56

April 7, 2010

 Artwork by Howard Watts.

The latest British Fantasy Society mailing contains Dark Horizons 56, which in turn contains my short story The Bordello of Doom. There is also fiction from Val Gryhin, Ian Hunter, Niall Boyce, Philip Meckley, Rafe McGregor, Ralph Robert Moore, Patrick Whitaker and Andrew Knighton; poetry from Ian Hunter, Charles Christian, Jan Edwards, Peter Coleborn, Diana Lewis and Allen Ashley; articles and interviews from, by and about Simon Bestwick, Martin Roberts, Mike Barrett, Brian Stableford, Jenny Barber and Stephen Theaker; and it is illustrated by Inna Hansen and Mark Pexton.

This mailing also comes with the March 2010 issue of Prism (packed, as usual, with news and reviews) and a voting form for the British Fantasy Awards. You’re going to be fed up with voting before the summer’s out, aren’t you? Just don’t mix them up and put Cthulu into Number 10.

Dark Horizons is available as an eBook to BFS members and, from this issue onwards, to members of the Australian Horror Writers Association

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Dark Horizons 54

April 3, 2009

The latest British Fantasy Society mailing has been, uh, mailed. My story, Passing Through, leads Dark Horizons 54. There’s also fiction from Andrew Knighton, Jan Edwards, Brendan Connell, Douglas Thompson, Mathew F. Riley, and Ross Gresham, poetry from Ian Hunter, Kristine Ong Muslim, and Skadi meic Beorh, an interview with Robert Holdstock, and a selection of articles about James Blaylock, David Gemell, Clive Barker, J.R.R Tolkien and others.

The Easter 2009 issue of Prism is also in this mailing and, as well as a pile of reviews and news items, contains the usual columns from Ramsay Campbell, Eric Brown, and Guy Adams.

Join the BFS here. Or at least have a look at the happy smile on the face of the President. You wouldn’t want to make him cry, would you?

New Horizons 2

January 23, 2009

The latest British Fantasy Society mailing is out, with the second New Horizons containing a damned fine story from GSFWCer Eliza Chan, and another GSFWCer, Ian Hunter, has at least one review in the current issue of Prism.

This mailing also has the nomination form for this year’s BFS awards. But you’ve got to be a member to vote. And if you join now, you’ll be in time for the next issue of Dark Horizons, plug plug.

British Fantasy Society & FantasyCon

September 16, 2008

Dang! I can no longer claim to have a story in the current issue of Dark Horizons. The latest BFS mailing arrived today and it contains Dark Horizons 53. The good news is that it has a story and a poem from fellow GSFWCer Ian Hunter. Eric Brown also says some very nice things about the GSFWC in his Prism column. We really must hand over those negatives some day.

Eric won’t be at FantasyCon this weekend, and neither will I. However, if you’re heading down (or up, or across) to Nottingham, feel free to buy some copies of Dark Horizons from the BFS stall. I particularly recommend issue 52. And if you’re looking for any GSFWC people then the bar should probably be your first port of call.