Starship Sofa 315

November 28, 2013

Dominic Green’s Glister from Interzone 223 is the featured story in this week’s Starship Sofa podcast.

Starship Sofa 306

October 2, 2013

Guy Haley’s iRobot (Interzone 244) and Philip Suggars’ Automatic Diamanté (Interzone 247) are the featured stories in this week’s podcast. Well, it’s last week’s podcast now – but it’s still available.

And while we’re here, Eugie Foster’s Nebula Award-winning Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast (Interzone 220) is the featured story in Tales to Terrify 86.

If you still haven’t sampled the podcasts from the District of Wonders stable then you’re missing out on some excellent hours of listening. And they’re free, although they won’t object if you want to send a contribution their way.

Whippleshield Books

September 8, 2013

Whippleshield has knocked £1 off the price of the paperback edition of The Eye With Which The Universe Sees Itself for UK customers and has similarly dropped the price on the ebook versions for everyone.

Ideal timing if you’ve just discovered the first volume through the Starship Sofa podcasts.

Starship Sofa 303

September 4, 2013

This week’s free podcast has part two of Ian Sales’s Adrift on the Sea of Rains.

Part one can be found here.

Starship Sofa 302

August 28, 2013

Adrift on the Sea of Rains is the featured story in this week’s Starship Sofa podcast.

Well, Part 1 is.

Part 2 will be next week,

Here’s a link to the Glossary mentioned in the podcast.

Starship Sofa 294

July 23, 2013

Caroline M. Yoachim’s The Philosophy of Ships from Interzone 243 was the featured story in a Starship Sofa podcast a few weeks ago.

It’s still available, of course, and is still free. I’ve merely been a bit sloppy when it comes to keeping up with podcasts recently and have only just found out about it.

Starship Sofa 295

July 1, 2013

The current edition of this excellent podcast features Ray Cluley’s Bloodcloth from Interzone 240.


May 31, 2012

The main fiction in Starship Sofa 240 is Jon Ingold’s Sleepers from Interzone 234.

It’s a free podcast (although contributions won’t go amiss) so feel free to listen.

Rust Islands

May 28, 2012

The main fiction in the latest Starship Sofa (#236) is Storm Constantine’s The Rust Islands from Interzone 117.

Starship Sofa 236

May 5, 2012

I’m obviously catching up on my listening. Anyway, the current edition of Tony C Smith’s excellent podcast features Will McIntosh’s Incompatible from Interzone 234. It can be found at 01:03:00 if you’re in a hurry but the rest of the podcast is recommended too.

Starship Sofa 232

May 2, 2012

The website illustration for this podcast is Richard Wagner’s cover for Interzone 236. Richard describes his methods and gives an interpretation of the picture at the start of the podcast.

It’s also worth hanging around for Neil Gaiman’s excellent The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains. This is Neil Gaiman via Neil Munro. I’m referring to Munro’s historical novels, of course; comparing it to the Para Handy tales would be taking things too far even for me.

Starship Sofa 225

February 25, 2012

The previous week’s podcast had a Gareth L. Powell story. This time it was Eleven Minutes from Interzone 235.

I have a habit of listening to things in a random order, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Starship Sofa 226

February 24, 2012

Dominic Green’s The Clockwork Atom Bomb from Interzone 198 is the featured story in this week’s podcast.

Starship Sofa 223

February 2, 2012

The latest podcast from Tony C. Smith’s award-winning show  is a Jason Sanford special which includes a reading of Into The Depths of Illuminated Seas (first published in Interzone 226).

In the Harsh Glow of its Incandescent Beauty

November 14, 2011

Mercurio D. Rivera’s story from Interzone 226 is part of the Starship Sofa 221 podcast.

The podcast is free.