Save Roy’s Back

October 27, 2012

A new stock of TTA Press back issues has been discovered. Interzone, The Fix, Crimewave, The Third Alternative, Zine, Black Static, The Planet Suite.

Please buy them and save Roy from having to lug them to conventions.


The Fix

November 14, 2009

The Fix is back online with a new address and look. Update your links to if you already use it.

If you don’t use it, and you enjoy or write short fiction, you’re definitely missing a trick.


Escape Pod 214

September 6, 2009

Eugie Foster’s Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast is now available as a free podcast. It has also been reprinted online in Apex volume III #II for those of you who can’t believe your ears, which also gets reviewed in The Fix by Kimberly Lundstrom.

It first appeared in Interzone 220.

Analog volume 129 #5

August 29, 2009

My review of the May Analog is now online at The Fix.

I’ve also just had a request to rewrite a short story, but I’ve still got two reviews to finish by Monday. And the latest novel is refusing to grow bigger without my help. Ack!

The Fix

April 1, 2009

My reviews of April’s Analog and Robert J Sawyer’s Wake have just been published together in The Fix.

Editor In Fix

March 29, 2009

Eugie Foster is resigning as editor of The Fix in order to spend more time with her fiction, and her place is being taken by Marshall Payne. I know Marshall is more than capable of doing a good job, but I’m going to miss working with Eugie. Still, if this means that we’ll get to see more of her stories then it will be a good thing.

If you have any short story publications that you wish to send to The Fix for review, please address them to Marshall. Details can be found on The Fix site.

Interzone 220 Fixed

February 22, 2009

Martin McGrath reviews Interzone 220 in The Fix.